5th International Bioinformatics Symposium (InSyB2021) Held 3.01.2022

The fifth round of the “International Symposium on Bioinformatics” (InSyB), the traditional symposium of Asia Pacific Bioinformatics (APBioNET), was hosted by Bezmialem Vakıf University. The symposium which is one of the most important events of APBioNET, was held under the theme “Bioinformatics: Back to the Basics”. The program, which lasted three days, was successfully completed with the participation of expert speakers. InSyB2021 broke all records of previous InSyBs with all the submitted works and number of authentic contributors.

International researchers applied with summaries of their work to be evaluated at the symposium. For InSyB2021, 85 studies were evaluated, breaking a record for studies submitted in InSyB history. After the evaluation of 85 studies by expert scientific committee members, 67 studies were entitled to be evaluated as poster presentations and oral presentations at the symposium. The evaluation of the presentations carried out in parallel was also actively carried out by experts in their fields. As a result, the best 3 poster presentations and the best 3 oral presentations were awarded on the third day of the symposium.
InSyB2021 started with the opening speech of Dr. Ayesha Fatima, co-chairman of the symposium. After the opening speech, our Rector Prof. Rümeyza Kazancıoğlu and BILSAB Department Head Prof. Mehmet Ziya Doymaz delivered their opening speeches. Then, TÜBİTAK President Prof. Hasan Mandal delivered his speech titled “Co-production and Success with Bioinformatics for Progress”. After the speeches of Dr. Gitanjali Yadav, representative of APBioNET, the owner of the symposium, and Yasin Kaya, representative of ISCB RSG, who supported the symposium, InSyB2021 started with the participation of expert speakers.

On the first day of InSyB2021, Prof. Chris Oostenbrink from Austria delivered a speech titled “Free Energies from Molecular Simulations: Force Fields and Molecular Interactions.” Then, Prof. Alexandre Bonvin from the Netherlands explained their work “Integrative Modeling of Biomolecular Complexes” to the audience.​
Parallel sessions were initiated after the lunch break to evaluate the submitted work for InSyB2021. Studies on "Drug design" and "Covid-19" were examined in one parallel session, while studies on "General Bioinformatics" and "Big Data Analysis" were examined in the other session. Parallel sessions opened for the studies evaluated on the first day ended after approximately 3 hours.

With the end of the parallel sessions, Dr. Anton Feenstra, who joined from the Netherlands as the last speaker of the first day, gave their speech titled "SeRenDIP
Sequence-Based Inhibition of Interactions for Proteins". On the first day, one of our university professors, Prof. Atilla Akdemir, chaired the session for the expert speakers and conveyed the questions to the speakers. After the question and answer session, the first day of the symposium ended.
The second day of InSyB2021 started with the presentations of expert academics. First, Dr. Pawel Suwinski from Malaysia gave their speech on “Precision Medicine”. Then Prof. Serdar Durdağı from Bahçeşehir University gave his speech on “Development of Machine Learning Based Models Against Brain Tumors and Drug Reuse Studies”, then followed by Prof. Durdağı from Gebze Technical University, Dr.Tunahan Çakır shared his presentation titled “Transcriptome Mapping in Cellular Networks” to elucidate the molecular mechanisms in cancer drowsiness. After the speeches by Dr. Matten Rafiqi, one of our BILSAB researchers, parallel sessions were started for poster and oral presentations on the second day.
On the second day, as on the first day, presentations of the most recent studies on drug design, Covid-19, general bioinformatics and big data analysis were held in two parallel sessions. Presentations were simultaneously evaluated by expert lecturers. With the end of the presentations, the activities of the second day were completed.
The third day of InSyB2021 started with Dr. Denis Bauer's speech "Back to Fundamentals: algorithms, data structures and global collaborations Accelerating Health and Medical Research" by Dr. Denis Bauer from Australia.​
The session chaired by Dr. Osman Akçakır, one of our BILSAB researchers, ended after a question and answer session. Then, Batuhan Çakır made his presentation to promote ISCB RSG. The panel titled "Current Issues on Computational Biology", specially prepared by RSG for InSyB2021, was held with the participation of Dr. Beste Turanlı, Dr. Ezgi Karaca and Dr. Tunca Doğan.
After the panel, in which the participants were actively involved with questions, Dr. Yuval Itan's speech titled "New machine learning approaches to predict the functional consequences of mutations in different human populations" was held under the chairmanship of our BILSAB researchers, Dr. Caner Çağlar.
At the end of the speeches of the expert researchers, an award ceremony was held for the submitted posters and oral presentations. At the award ceremony, the first 3 posters and the first 3 oral presentations were determined, taking into account the evaluations of expert academicians, and announced by Esra Büşra Işık, the co-chairman of InSyB2021. Then, the symposium was concluded with the thanks and closing speeches of Dr. Mohammad Asif Khan, who is the chairman of APBioNET and is also a researcher at BILSAB, and co-chairman of InSyB2021, Esra Büşra Işık.

5th International Bioinformatics Symposium (InSyB2021) Held