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Symposium on "Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere" was Organized


​On World Kidney Day, our university organized a symposium themed "Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere"

The event started with the opening speeches of our Rector Prof. Dr. Rümeyza Kazancıoğlu and qualified academicians and health personnel showed great interest in the event.

The International Society of Nephrology (ISN) and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations (IFKF) set the theme for World Kidney Day this year as 'Kidney Health for All'. Referring to the "Kidney Health for All" theme , Prof. Dr. Rümeyza Kazancıoğlu stated that the treatment of chronic renal failure is costly and many countries do not have access to kidney replacement (dialysis and transplantation), and underlined that patients in Turkey are  lucky in this regard.

Prof. Dr. Rümeyza Kazancıoğlu stated ;  "One in every 10 people in the world and one in every 7 people in our country has chronic kidney disease. It can develop at any age. The cost of treatment of this growing epidemic is a big burden on health systems worldwide. Long-term dialysis in low and middle-income countries is not possible, and this means that over 1 million people a year die from untreated renal failure. We are one of the lucky countries to receive healthcare services. There is no shortage in our country in terms of dialysis centers, dialysis equipment and health workers.

In our country, there are 865 hemodialysis, 120 peritoneal dialysis and 78 kidney transplant patients and all treatments are covered by the government.

The diagnosis of Chronic Kidney Disease does not mean that you will need dialysis or transplantation immediately, but it requires good follow-up and treatment. Good control of blood pressure, keeping blood sugar at normal levels, reducing salt consumption, cutting smoking, weight loss, regular exercise and regular recommended treatments can prevent the development of the disease. All individuals should know the value of their kidneys and their main goal should be to lead a healthy life."

The symposium, which included the views of the patients and their relatives, ended after the question / answer section.