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March 14th Medical Day was Celebrated with Enthusiasm


Our university organized an event in scope of March 14th Medical Day.

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Rümeyza Kazancıoğlu, Assistant rector Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Tuncay and Prof. Dr. Orhan Özturan, rector Consultant Prof. Dr. Erdal Tekarslan, General Secretary Zeynep Gökçen, Faculty of Medicine Dean Prof. Dr. Dilek Sema Arıcı, Heads of Departments, Administrative Executives, Academicians and students attended the event held at the Erich Frank Conference Hall.

Our rector Prof. Dr. Rümeyza Kazancıoğlu, who carried out the opening speech, stated; "We are here to share such a great, useful profession, to share the responsibilities of our profession, to understand each other better, to be in solidarity, to reconsider our responsibilities to our patients, to address the universal values of our profession and to emphasize once again the importance of our profession for humanity.

We're human, we're here to help people. We are standing by our patients with the foundation spirit and love of profession, which is the relic of Bezmialem Valide Sultan. We are the people who work with the strength to protect their health which is the most valuable treasure of the people. As the representatives of the Bezmialem tradition, which has been saying 'Health First' for two centuries, we are experiencing the pride and happiness of following the notion of Bezmialem Valide Sultan.

On the occasion of this event I would like to say happy "14th March Medical Day" to my colleagues and all of our health staff all over our country who have held human life above all interests,  and I wish you success in your studies."

Prof. Dr. Dilek Sema Arıcı, Faculty of Medicine Dean, who started her speech by celebrating the 14 March Medical Day of all physicians and health personnel, stated;  "Of course we are experiencing many difficulties and troubles while fulfilling an important task for both individuals and the society The main one is verbal or physical violence against the health workers which you have experienced or witnessed from time to time. We can overcome this problem by explaining the difficulties of our profession to our people, showing empathy with the patients and their relatives, showing that we are with them in their sufferings and that this is a profession of profession. We can overcome this problem by explaining the difficulties of our profession to our people, showing empathy with the patients and their relatives, showing that we are with them in their sufferings and that this is a profession of passion.

As you know, another responsibility of health and education is that we raise the welfare and consciousness of our society. Health is the most important indicator of the level of development and welfare of a society. We are obliged to educate and guide the society as well as to protect people's health and treat diseases. Therefore, we must constantly develop, research and train ourselves. As a physician, we should focus more on humanitarian issues, shed light on society and guide them."

As for our Hospitals Medical Director Prof. Dr. Fadlullah Aksoy, who began his speech by emphasizing the history of the The March 14th Medical Day, he stated;   "The first Ottoman Faculty for medicine was established under the title of "Tıphane-i Amire " and "Cerrahhane-i Amire"  in Turkey during the Mahmut II era in March 14, 1827 in Tulumbacıbaşı mansion in Sehzadebasi . In Turkey this date is considered as the day when modern medical education began. Therefore, the school's founding date, 14th March is celebrated as Medical Day.  The first Medical Day celebrations in Turkey were held on March 14, 1919 in Istanbul, while under the British occupation. This celebration was also supported by the famous doctors of the era to protest the invasion.

Therefore, this resistance, which took place for the sake of independence and which glorifies the spiritual values of the country, is of great importance in historical terms. There was a need for the provision of health care for the low-income population. The need to respond significantly to this need would be instrumental in establishing our history.

In 1845, Bezm-i Âlem Valide Sultan, the mother of Sultan Mahmud II and the mother of Sultan Abdülmecit, introduced our hospital, which is the largest of many foundation projects, into our society and our national history. Our hospital, which started to serve under the name of Bezm-i Âlem Gureba-i Müslimin Hospital with the related foundation, was dedicated to the Muslim poor and needy and we continue to provide free health services to our patients in need, in accordance with our historical mission. I would like to thank you, and I would like to congratulate our esteemed physicians and health staff on March 14th Medical Day."

The March 14th Medical Day Program ended with a collective photo shoot followed by the presentation of congratulatory certificates to our academicians and academic students.