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Certified Cup Therapy Training


​Within the scope of international bilateral cooperation, our university continues to organize trainings on different topics as well as curriculum development programmes. In this context, the  Certified Cup Therapy Training was carried out by the President of the British Cupping Society Prof Dr. Ahmet Younis.

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Younis from St. Georges University, and Kingston University, with whom we are in cooperation with, were hosted in the cup therapy training organized by our Continuing Education Center and International Relations Office.

Physicians, health personnel and students from different cities and institutions showed keen participation in the training which went on for two days.

Expressing satisfaction with the interest of the trainees, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Younis presented certificates to the participants by providing practical and theoretical training under the titles; "Cup therapy in Islam, History of Cup Therapy, Benefits of Cup Therapy and Things to Consider During Cup Therapy Application".