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Symposium on Phytotherapy in Endocrinological Diseases


​The symposium on "Phytotherapy in Endocrinological Diseases" organized by the University and Phytotherapy Association, which has the first Phytotherapy Center approved by YÖK in Turkey, took place at the Erich Frank Conference Hall.

At the event organized by our University and The Phytotherapy Association, the subjects titled "Obesity for Healthy Living, Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, Thyroid Diseases and Herbal Drugs and Products Used in Childhood" were discussed.

Experts, pharmacists and dietitians from all over Turkey showed keen participation towards the symposium . Phytotherapy Training Application and Research Center Manager Prof. Dr. Murat Kartal, who expressed his satisfaction with the participation and interest, stated , "BVU Phytotherapy Training Application and Research Center which aims to improve the awareness of healthy life, is becoming a brand in the field of herbal products in accordance with the quality standards."

Indicating that the natural vegetable oils and their products today offer practical solutions in many areas of life , Prof. Dr. Murat Kartal stated,  " With this symposium, which we hosted at Turkey's first Phytotherapy Center, we once again emphasized the importance of plants and vegetable oils in the healing degree of diseases and we had the opportunity to discuss different opinions.".