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Faculty of Medicine Students said Hello to the Clinic!


The symposium "Hello to the Clinic 2019" which was organized under the coordination of our Faculty of Medicine, was held between 7 - 8 October, 2019, at the Erich Frank Conference Hall.

Our students showed great interest to the symposium where information that would provide great benefit to the professional lives of our senior students in the Faculty of Medicine was presented. The Symposium began with the opening speech of the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Dilek Sema Arıcı.

On the first day of the program, which included clinical cases, the lecturers continued with the presentation of 'Emergency ECG', 'Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation', 'Bleeding, Burns', 'Hyperglycemia and Hypoglycemia', followed by guest speaker Prof. Dr. Mehmet Şükrü Selver's presentation on 'Acute Kidney Failure'. Our Rector Prof. Dr. Rümeyza Kazancıoğlu carried out a presentation on 'Hypernatremia, Hyponatremia' and interactively exchanged views with the students. The first day of the symposium continued with issues on 'Hyperpotasemia', 'Hypopotasemia', 'Fluid Replacement', 'Flat Abdominal Radiography' and 'Lung Radiography'.

On the second day, which started with the guest speaker Prof. Dr. Kerim Güler's speech on Communication in Medicine, the day ended after the speeches of our graduating students following the handling of the issues on "Being a Team Member", "Prescriptions Written in the Emergency Unit", "Neurological Examination", "COPD Attacks", "High Fever in Children", "Diarrhea in Children", "Febrile Convulsions in Children", "Acute Abdomen", "Gynecology Emergencies" by our faculty members.

Prof. Dr. Sema Arıcı presented the certificates of gratitude to all guest speakers and academicians at the symposium. The event ended after a group photo shoot.​