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We stand by our Mehmetcik Soldiers with our Hearts and Prayers!


We came together as members of Bezmialem to support our Mehmetciks who were serving at the "Operation Peace Spring" initiated by the Turkish Armed Forces for the stability and peace of the region, especially for our national security towards the east of the Euphrates River.

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Rümeyza Kazancıoğlu, Assistant Rector Prof. Dr. Orhan Özturan, General Secretary Dr. Zeynep Gökçen, our Academicians, Administrators and Students attended the ceremony held at our Central Campus. At the beginning of the ceremony, our Faculty of Dentistry student Muhammed Hakkı Bostan read Orhan Şaik Gökyay's poem titled "Who Does This Homeland Belong To?". Afterwards, our University's Director of Health Culture and Sports, Hüseyin Emre Yüksel read the "Declaration of Support for the Operation Peace Spring".

In the declaration, it states;  "As all members of the Bezmialem Vakıf University, we are aware of the threats to the unity of our country's peace and tranquility, we are aware of the rights of our government arising from international law, and we sincerely believe from the bottom of our hearts that we will achieve our desired goals. In this operation, where our supreme government and our glorious army aim to intervene in an open wound in our hearts, we wish God's mercy to our hero soldiers who were martyred and speedy recovery to our veterans." The ceremony ended after a group photo shoot.​