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Bezmialem Valide Sultan Cultural Heritage Project Events Resume


Within the scope of the Bezmialem Valide Sultan Cultural Heritage Project, an event was organized in which the technical projects carried out in the conservation workshop of the pieces in our university's collection were transferred to the participants. The event was held at the Dean's Conference Hall. General Secretary Dr. Zeynep Görmezoğlu Gökçen, Assistant Secretary Hatice Kösretaş, Istanbul University Assistant General Secretary Figen Cihan, our academicians and students attended.

At the event, Assoc. Dr. Gülder Emre of the department of Conservation and Restoration of Movable Cultural Heritage at Istanbul University carried out a presentation. While mentioning the importance of the protection of cultural assets, Assoc. Dr. Gülder Emre discussed which works are evaluated in the field of cultural assets.

Research Associate Emre Veysel Şener carried out a presentation on "Conservation and Restoration of Metal Works". Veysel stated that three stages were followed in conservation and repair applications; certification, conservation-repair applications and finally storage and exhibition.

While Istanbul University graduate student Seda Kartal lectured on the subject "The Protection and Repair Applications of the Calligraphic Plaque signed by Sultan Abdulmecid", Serpil Cetinkaya discussed "Traditional Calligraphy Construction Techniques".

Our General Secretary Dr. Zeynep Görmezoğlu Gökçen delivered a speech just before the gift ceremony. Our General Secretary stated; "I would like to thank my dear friend Ms. Figen Cihan and all our esteemed teachers and employees who are at the coalface of this business. I would like to express my gratitude to my Assistant General Secretary Hatice Kösretaş, Academic Advisors of the Project Prof. Dr. Nuran Yıldırım, Prof. Dr. Arzu Terzi, Lecturer Dr. Mehmet Emin Ağar, Construction Works and Library Director, Financial Affairs Director and the Purchasing Department for their great efforts".

The event ended after a video presentation and photo shoot prepared by the students who participated in the Bezmialem Valide Sultan Cultural Heritage Project.