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Internationally Participated “4th Bezmialem Orthopedics Meeting” was Held


The 4th Bezmialem Orthopedics Meeting, which was hosted by our university and is now becoming a tradition, took place between 6 – 7 th December at our Central Campus. At the meeting where the theme was "Following Failed Joint Surgery: What Do I Do?"; The causes, failures and solutions of failed reconstructions in adult shoulder, hip and knee surgeries were discussed in detail and interactively over surgical techniques and numerous cases.


Prof. Dr. Rümeyza Kazancıoğlu, who held the opening speech at the meeting, stated; "We are honored to host this special event. I would like to thank all our guests for their participation today. As a Nephrologist, I will be happy to hear and see how you have changed things in the field of Orthopedics and Traumatology. "

In his opening speech, President of the Meeting Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Tuncay stated; "This year we are organizing the 4th Bezmialem Orthopedics Meeting. Bezmialem Vakif University is yet a 9-year old new university but our hospital has a history of nearly two centuries. Bezmialem is the first modern health institution to use the name "Hospital" for the first time. We are trying to do our part within the framework of the mission of this long-established institution."

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Tuncay said the following about the format of the meeting:

"Today, it has become easier to obtain theoretical and practical information. But there is one thing that we can not obtain, and it is "experience". Today, there are experts from our country and abroad. Each one of them will share their experiences with us. Therefore, we will realize our aim of sharing the main purpose of this meeting ... "

The 4th Bezmialem Orthopedics meeting, where many veterans in the field, such as Bogdan Ambrožič from the University of Ljubljana, Dr. Jorn Kircher of the ATOS Clinic doctors, Dr. Nader Darwich who specializes in the treatment of various knee injuries in sports, and Elvire Servien, Director of Lyon FIFA Medical Center participated as speakers, ended with the presentation of Plaques of Appreciation and a photo shoot after the dinner hosted by our Rector and Assistant Rector in honor of the valuable participants.