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Our Objectives

·    Training individuals educated at an associate's degree, undergraduate and graduate levels who may offer services at a global level for today's requirements through our educational departments;

·    Educating young researchers and academics who may realize comprehensive research projects on health and education related issues in Turkey and create additional value;

·    Supporting talented and successful young individuals who have limited means;

·    Providing scholarships to at least 20% of the students;

·    Granting project-based scholarships to students;

·    Offering scholarships to children of martyrs, orphans and children from disadvantaged families;

·    Ensuring that young individuals with limited means benefit from accommodation, food and other social services for free;

·    Establishing a Foreign Language Prep Class for one year for our students who chose to attend these classes and ensure that one third of the courses are lectured in a foreign language the following year;

·    Ensuring a high level of international student and faculty member exchange;

·    Running an education and training program depending on the priorities of health and educational issues in our country at our university;

·    Prioritizing total quality management in education, administration and services;    

·    Conducting an interactive and applied education and training program in health education and training fields by establishing continuous and mutual relations with Istanbul University and health institutions functioning under the Ministry of Health;

·    Establishing an Industry-University cooperation through promoting common research projects performed together with the private sector;

·    Launching the cutting edge Emergency,  Intensive Care, Burn and Dialysis Centers in Istanbul within the next 2 years through our Faculty of Medicine;

·    Founding Bone Marrow, Transplantation, Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment and Molecular Genetic Centers within the 4 years.

Our Principles

·    Being Scientific

·    Free Thinking

·    Having an Explorer's Spirit

·    Equal Opportunities

·    Loyalty to Ethical Values

·    Competency with Global Values

·    Health and education approach that prioritizes humanistic attitudes.