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 Foreign Language Policy

As English is a universally accepted language of research and evidence-based practice in health science professions, it is an indispensible part of the academic and professional life of Bezmiâlem Vakıf University students. In an academic setting, the exchange of ideas supported by evidence and research are the primary guiding principles that distinguish professionals of all disciplines. In the Foreign Languages Department, we are committed to fostering the Rector's vision of Bezmiâlem, that is, becoming a leading academic medical research center, and teaching pioneer. To this end, we are ensuring that students possess English language competence, which places them a step ahead of competitors in a globally professional marketplace. Our Foreign Languages Department has quite a unique structure. We go beyond the traditional methods used by other universities through keeping instructional interventions dynamic and applying evidence from the most current advancements in ELT. The prep faculty comprises 11 Turkish and 13 native-speaking instructors all holding degrees, experience, and certifications in ELT that ensure students receive maximum benefit from our courses. Our teaching staff also pursue continuing education in the latest methods for accelerating teaching and acquiring the English language. Clearly, one of the most important prerequisites for attending undergraduate programs at Bezmiâlem Vakıf University is meeting the minimal level of English language proficiency. One year of English preparation is required of any student not reaching a minimum of 60 out of 100 on Bezmialem Vakıf University Exemption Exam administered at the very beginning of academic year in a follow up to a placement Exam which is held beforehand. Those students who score a minimum of 60 exempt from the prep program. Those who receive 6 on IELTS also are exempt too. Students who are not capable of meeting the minimum required level of English for entering an undergraduate degree program must attend the prep English program for 28 hours a week, a total of 896 hours, during the first academic year. In addition to academic preparatory courses, prep students will have opportunities to improve their English through elective courses and extra-curriculum activities.