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 Turkish Language Learning Center

TÖMER’s purpose of establishment is to teach Turkish to foreigners and foreign languages to anyone who would like to learn, to be engaged in education, research, study, to promote language learning by arranging social and cultural activities, to team up work groups to develop language teaching materials, and to prepare course books.

Language teaching in TÖMER rests on developing four basic language skills (reading, listening, speaking, writing) equally. Language teaching is supported by such audiovisual tools as the tape player, television and DVD player in each classroom.

Learners who attend and successfully complete elementary and intermediate levels at TÖMER receive a certificate approved by TÖMER Directorate. Upon complete of the advanced level, on the other hand, a diploma approved by Ankara University Rectorship is granted. Many public and private sector institutions recognize TÖMER certificate and diploma as a proof of candidates’ language level when considering to fill their vacant posts.​​​​​