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 Important Information

  1. We receive Undergraduate Applications for International Students via International Student Online Application Form:
  2. Applicants can apply for up to three different programs. These programs will be specified in "Application Form for International Students for Undergraduate Programs".
  3. Applications will be evaluated by the relevant Faculty's Admission Committee.
  4. The evaluation of applications and ranking of the candidates for admission is at discretion of Bezmialem Vakıf University. The University is free to decide whether or not to fill our vacancies. Meeting the application criteria does not guarantee admission to the programs.
  5. Placement examination results are valid for two years. Secondary School diplomas are valid indefinitely.
  6. Applications which do not fulfill the application criteria will not be taken into evaluation.
  7. The mistakes made during the filling procedure of an application form are responsibility of the candidates. ID information which is part of the form must be typed in capital letters, without any change or abbreviation.
  8. If even only one document misses among the application documents, then the application shall be regarded invalid.
  9. If the documents or information submitted by a student is subsequently found to be false or incomplete, the student will be dismissed from the University, regardless of the semester he/she is enrolled in.
  10. Application forms, including all the enclosed documents, will not be returned to applicants.
  11. The results of applications will be announced on  
  12. Students accepted for studies at Bezmialem Vakıf University will receive a Letter of Acceptance issued by the International Office. These students will use this acceptance letter to get a "Student Visa" from the nearest Turkish Embassy/Consulate as soon as possible. This visa is required for entering the country and registration.
  13. The Letter of Acceptance will be sent both by e-mail and cargo to the students accepted. Therefore, the address information in the application form should be filled thoroughly and legibly.​