Ministry of Development Projects

Ministry of Development Projects

·         Development of NFKB inhibitors

·         Recombinant parathormone production in yeast

·         Developing a specific diagnostic method for NKCR

·         Production of biosimilar molecules (hepatitis B virus vaccine)

·         Vaccine Development in Experimental Malaria Model

·         Investigation of the source and developmental basis of forced endosimbiont in insects

·         Development of breast cancer detection method by quantitative optical phase imaging

Translational Research;

Recombinant Protein Production;

·         Amylase enzyme

·         The parathormon

·         Vaccine preparations (Hepatitis B virus surface antigen, Experimental malaria vaccine)

Diagnostic Product Development;

·         Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus infection

·         Early detection methods of breast cancer cells in optics

Drug Development;

·         NFkB inhibitors (anti-inflammatory / anti-cancer-specific)


Basic Researches;​

·         Study of symbiont-host relationships in humans and in different hosts (disease and health)

·         Explaining metastatic and other properties of prostate cancer with 3D modeling

·         Immunological properties of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus proteins

·         Study of immunology and pathogenesis of malaria parasite in experimental animal model