Institute of Life Sciences and Biotechnology

 Institute of Life Sciences

Today, scientific research conducted and technologies developed aim to improve living standards and welfare levels of the society, and to meet basic social requirements such as health, education, transportation, communication and security at high standards. Efforts for conducting advanced scientific researches and developing state-of-the-art technologies in the world are only possible with an interdisciplinary approach to generic technologies in designated and preferred R&D areas. Nanotechnology, biotechnology, communication technologies, space technologies, material technologies, energy technologies, food technologies and medical technologies are some of the leading generic technologies today.

The wealth of nations varies depending on the competency of nations in terms of information and technology. Societies that can benefit and develop high technology and effectively use information in medicine and biology will have a greater advantage in the 21st century. Therefore, modern science and biology emerge as strategic research areas in many countries and are evolving into a crucial source for material wealth of nations. Thus, as the strategic targets for 2023 are being announced these days, our main aim is to establish an institution for life sciences and biotechnology within the body of Bezmialem Foundation University, one of the most redeemed health institutions of our country with 171 years of expertise in health services, in order to develop new biological and advanced health technologies, find answers to basic questions and problems with regards to life and health, to train new generations of researchers/academics in health sciences, and to conduct advanced researches, education, training, production, publications and to provide consultancy regarding technology.



Bezmialem Foundation University, Institute of Life Sciences and Biotechnology has been established in 2013 as an Institute under the Bezmialem Foundation University Rectorate.


Bezmialem Foundation University, Institute of Life Sciences and Biotechnology has been founded with the mission of producing information in health, engineering and biology for the benefit of humanity, transferring developed technologies to their application fields, developing new products and training academics and researchers.


Bezmialem Foundation University, Institute of Life Sciences and Biotechnology has the vision of becoming a leading research, development and higher education institution in health, engineering, biology and in related technological fields within a short span of time first in our country and region and then in the whole world in order to develop technologies that may offer solutions to health problems affecting humans and to pave the way for scientists in this respect.


The main value of Bezmialem Foundation University, Institute of Life Sciences and Biotechnology is to operate without seeking profit in line with the fundamental traditions of our founder foundations without compromising from the highest integrity standards for science, and by strictly complying to all internationally accepted and local ethical rules and values with regards to use of humans and laboratory animals in biomedical research and development activities.  Scientific integrity standards include detailed record keeping and observing human, animal and environmental rights; respecting labor, ensuring transparency and acting honest and just with regards to communication and resource utilization during implementation and publication of scientific studies. Faculty members and researchers undertake conducting advanced training and research activities; providing consultancy in training of new generation academics and conveying the ethical standards they have adopted as a duty.

Producing Information:

Production of high quality and advanced new science and information in biology and health sciences is what is mainly expected from this laboratory. High quality information production is only possible at high quality laboratories by competent researchers in a reliable manner and by achieving consistency in researches in similar fields.  Respectable scientific products can only be manufactured through specialization of a group of researchers focusing on relatively narrow fields over time.  We are aiming to become a center that produces solutions to health and life style problems through new technologies.


The Institute to be established will train academics with postgraduate education in health, genetics, nanotechnology and biology fields and who have real life experiences. The main purpose is providing quality education that includes the most advanced information and applications in the world defined as "state-of-the-art". Such competent staff is valuable for both Bezmialem and also for other universities and research institutions in Turkey. The number of competent employees per person; for example, the number of scientists/Ph.Ds. in the Silicone Valley in North California or San Diego La Jolla is currently used to express the development level of countries/regions Affiliation to educational institutions that have distinguished themselves in certain fields; gathered young and studious individuals, and offered them a high level education will be used as a reference by the most qualified individuals and such affiliation will be deemed as a mark of a certain level of quality. Thus, through redeemed laboratories to be established as a result, we can anticipate that being affiliated to or being a graduate of Bezmialem in the decades to follow will be deemed as a reference for both our students and graduates. We, as an institute are ready to do our share in accomplishing this target.

In addition, physicians and dental practitioners, pharmacists and healthcare professionals that will be trained at Bezmialem Foundation University, which has a school of medicine identity, within the next decades will not only become healthcare professionals who strive to eliminate existing clinical problems of patients but also have the identity of academics who adopt integrated approaches towards medical problems, refer to scientific queries and offers solutions thanks to benefiting from all aspects offered by such an advanced technology institute and becoming familiar with the state-of-the-art technological researches during their education.

As a result, what is expected from this laboratory under the education heading might be even more crucial than the expectations listed under information production section. The main reason thereof is this Institute to contribute greatly to each article, product and patent these trained professionals will create and produce during their 20-30 year careers ahead. Our main duty is to train scientists who are ahead of the knowledge and skills of their time and are equipped for the future.


Based on the data developed by themselves and are being developed or are published by other institutions, the Institute and laboratories to be established will also try to offer a solution to the problem of lack of application of current technologies in practice; in other words, not implementing available knowledge in clinical and practical fields, which is an issue that continues to exist as problem for humans under today's conditions. In this respect, Bezmialem Foundation University, Institute of Life Sciences and Biotechnology will devote most of its efforts to translational fields and transforming and utilizing available knowledge in practical clinical applications, development of biotechnological products and kits, creating products and obtaining patents in this respect will be one of the most top priority activity fields of the Institute. In short, our targets in nano and biotechnology will be central for us.

Due to the reasons explained above, we are aiming to establish an Institute and laboratories capable of functioning by utilizing the most advanced technologies in the world in Health, Engineering and Biology fields.

A laboratory infrastructure capable of utilizing the most advanced technologies in the world in Health, Engineering and Biology fields has been founded within the Institute.


·    Microbiological and Infectious Diseases (3 laboratories):

Laboratories capable of conducting microbiological, biochemical and molecular research on infectious diseases widely observed within Turkey and which have a clinical translation capacity have been established. In the first stage, influenza, Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever and Mycobacterium Tuberculosis viruses have been determined as the target microbiological agents.

 Virus Laboratory

 Bacteria Laboratory

  Immunology Laboratory

·    Metabolic/Genetic Diseases and Obesity (3 Laboratories)

Laboratories that are capable of performing genetic, biological, biochemical, molecular and translational research on metabolic diseases including diabetes, obesity and circulatory system diseases and genetic diseases have been established.

  Obesity Laboratory

  Metabolic Diseases Laboratory

  Genetic Diseases Laboratory

·    Cancer Laboratories (2 laboratories);

Laboratories capable of conducting studies on brain, lung, prostate and skin cancers and related genetics, tumor biology, tumor genetics and tumor immunology have been established.

  Tumor Biology Laboratory

  Tissue Engineering Laboratory ​