Board of Trustees


Lwy. Osman DEVELİOĞLU – Chairman
Yunus NACAR – Ass. Chairman
Bekir Hulusi CANSU
Prof. Ahmet GÜL
Prof. Ahmet Emre BİLGİLİ
Burhan ERSOY
Lwy. Namık AYHAN
Ziya Altan ELMAS
Prof. Rümeyza KAZANCIOĞLU – Rector

The highest decision making body of our university, our Board of Trustees represent the legal entity of our higher education institution.

The Board of Trustees consist of at least 7 members, who meet the conditions and possess qualities stipulated in the applicable codes and regulations, elected for 4 years by the Foundations Assembly. The Chancellor is an ordinary member of the Board of Trustees. Other faculty members cannot be on the Board of Trustees except for the chancellor. Faculty members of state universities may serve at boards of trustees of foundation higher education institutions, provided that they obtain the necessary authorization from their respective universities.