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 Directorate of Library and Documentation

The Libraries of Bezmialem Foundation University strive to become Library and Information Centers with an high influence on the academic and social life in order to support R&D studies at our University, provide services required by modern librarianship, ensure that users' needs for information and documentation are met in all media, support national and international-scaled information accumulation, use, transfer and provide access to information from within or outside of the campus. 

Our libraries equipped with national and international electronic data bases and state-of-the-art technological resources offer convenience in access to resources. 

Our Central Library that continues its operations with a dynamic and leading vision is currently undergoing renovation in order to become a user-friendly social location. Therefore, we have initiated works for constructing a modern library building, which will include state-of-the-art and modern designs within the 6,500 m2 Auditorium currently being built at our central campus. Along with our central library, our library in Eyüp campus is built on 173 m2 and with a modern design and is at your service with a reading hall for 70 and working lounges with 12 computers. We also have a 175 m2 BVU Sultangazi İlhan Varank campus with a seating area of 100. The campus with one multimedia room, 2 working lounges, 2 reading halls and with a capacity for 20,000 books is at your service with its modern designs.