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Associate Degree and Undergraduate Education and Training Regulation

BVU Main Regula​tions

Continuous Education Research and Application Center Regulation

Experimental Ap​plication and Research Center Regulation

Graduate Ed​ucation and Training Re​gulation

Health Applicati​​on and Research Ce​nter Regulation

Higher Education Institutions Student Councils and Higher Education Instit​utions National Student Council Regulation​​

Higher Education Institutions Student Discipline Regulat​​ion

Implementing Regulation o​n t​he Processing and Privacy of Personal Health Data

Purchase and Tender Regulations

Regulation on Higher Education Instituti​ons​​

Traditional And Complementary Medicine Advanced Research Applications And Research Center Regulations​



Academic Travel Directives

Animal Experiments Local Ethics Committee Directives

Application and Registration Admission Directives for Graduate Students to Benefit from Future Scholarships

Asset Directives

Associate Degree and Bachelor

BEZMIALEM Vakıf University Associate Degree and Undergraduate Scholarship Directives


Directives for Clinical Research and Scientific Advisory Services Supported by BEZMIALEM Vakıf University

Directives for the Promotion and Appointment of Instructors

Directives on the Preparation of Diplomas and Other Related Documents

Erasmus and Other Exchange Programs Directives

Ethics Committee Directive on Non

Faculty of Dentistry Education and Exam Directives

Faculty of Health Sciences Education

Faculty of Medicine Education

Faculty of Medicine Specialty Training and Examination Directives

Faculty of Pharmacy Internship Guide

Foreign Language Department Education and Examination Directives

Implementation Directives for International Publications Incentive Program

Foreign or Foreign Students Application

Library Directives

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Internship Directives

Scientific Research and Publication Ethics Directive

Scientific Research Projects

Student Clubs Main Instruction

Student Council Directives