Under the presidency of the Chancellor, the University Senate consists of vice-chancellors, deans, one faculty member from each faculty elected by their respective boards for three years and the principals of institutions and vocational schools under the rectorate. The Senate meets at least twice a year; at the beginning and at the end of the academic year. It issues drafts for bylaws, regulations and directives concerning the whole of the university and provide its opinion and suggestions. The Senate decides on issues related with the academic activities of the university, provides feedback to the Board of Trustees on matters referred to them, confers honorary academic titles that do not depend on examination and passes final decisions of the faculty boards on these matters. The Senate's reporter is the general secretary of the university.​

​Rector Pr.
Prof. Dr. Rümeyza KAZANCIOĞLU
​Prof. Dr. İbrahim TUNCAY​
​General Secretary
​Director of Faculty of Dentistry
​Prof. Dr. Doğan DOLANMAZ
​Director of Faculty of Pharmacy
Prof. Dr. Gülaçtı TOPÇU
​Director of Faculty of Health Sciences
​Prof. Dr. Erdal TEKARSLAN​​​
​​Deputy Director of Faculty of Medicine
Prof.Dr. Ramazan ÖZDEMİR​
​Deputy Director of Vocational School for Health Services
Prof. Dr. Ali Akçahan GEPDİREMEN
​Deputy Director of Institute of Health Sciences
Prof. Dr. Semra ÖZÇELİK
​Senator of Faculty of Medicine
Prof. Dr. Nuran YILDIRIM
​Senator of Faculty of Dentistry
Prof. Dr. Vecdi Melih ALTAN
​Senator of Faculty of Pharmacy
Prof. Dr. Evrim DALKILIÇ