Clinical Research Ethics Committee

 Clinical Research Ethics Committee

Republic of Turkey Bezmialem Foundation University's Clinical Research Ethics Committee has started accepting files.    
Due to the heavy demand towards our Ethics Committee, applications outside of the institute will not be included in the assessment order.

The first meeting will be held on 07.12.2011.
For applications: An application file consisting of application forms belonging to Bezmialem Foundation University Clinical Research Ethics Board included on this site and attachments of these forms and a CD on which the content of these files are recorded shall be submitted to the Ethics Board Secretariat at the Rectorate.

Signatures on applications for Residency/Doctorate/Postgraduate Thesis, whether they are required from the Thesis Supervisor (Attending Physician), Thesis Responsible or Ass. Thesis Researcher should be carefully observed in line with the Directives of Bezmialem Foundation University Clinical Research Ethics Committee.