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 ECTS Recognition Procedures for Exchange Students


The home institution of the incoming student sends his/her Student Application Form, Learning Agreement and Transcript of Records to BVU. In coordination with the International Relations Committee, the departmental Erasmus coordinator accepts the application after consulting with the Department. International Relations Committee confirms the decision to the sending institution and issues a “Letter of Acceptance” for the exchange student.

When the exchange student arrives at BVU he/she checks his/her learning agreement with the departmental coordinator and makes the changes if necessary. If there are any changes, a modified learning agreement is sent to the student’s home institution for approval.

​When the exchange period ends, the student is given the Transcript of Records which implements the studies completed at BVU. The Transcript of Records lists the course units taken, the credits gained, the local grades awarded and the corresponding ECTS grades. The “Confirmation of Attendance” is also sent to the student and sending institution within one month after the end of exchange period. Student’s home institution uses the Transcript of Records for academic recognition as well.