Directorate of Student Affairs

 Directorate of Student Affairs

Our Directorate of Student Affairs strives to contribute to University's achieving its objectives through the activities it conducts with the faculty personnel/administrative personnel and the students. All kinds of academic transactions related to our students are carried out by our Directorate. Experts employed by our Directorate provide consultancy services to the students on academic and administrative issues and assist in meeting students' requirements related with the University.

Our duties as the Directorate of Student Affairs are:

1.  Enrolling new students;​

2.  Carrying out all kinds of official correspondence and archiving activities;

3.  Maintenance of student documents;

4.  Establishing coordination between the Rectorate and Faculties in transactions related with students;

5.  Preparing official documentation required by the students;

6.  Performing works related with graduation and diploma issuance;

7.  Carrying out statistical works on students and sharing the results with the officials;

8.  Following validity of scholarships of children;

9. Calculating grade point averages of students and presenting the results to University's Administration;

10. Conducting all business in accordance with the quality standards set out by University's Administration;

11. Determining general policies on transactions conducted and submitting suggestion to the General Secretary;

12.  Preparing annual business plans and activity reports and submitting these to the General Secretary;

13.  Preparing information required by institutions including Council of Higher Education (YÖK) and Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM);

14.  Carrying out statistical work for determining the student quota;

15.  Preparing and announcing the academic calendar;

16.  Administrating the military services procedures of male students;

17.  Receiving applications for internal/external vertical transfer programs.