Dean's Message



Dear Students,

Our Faculty of Health Sciences, which is a valuable part of Bezmiâlem Vakıf University, the first health themed foundation university of our country, trains health professionals who have professional and competent knowledge at a global level, who are capable of absorbing contemporary and scientific ideas, who are aware of the power and responsibility they obtain from the past, and who can produce innovative solutions to the problems they face with analytical thinking.

Our faculty consists of six departments: Nutrition and Dietetics, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Nursing, Audiology and Health Management. The faculty campus which is located within the Eyüp Additional Service Building of Bezmiâlem Vakıf University Hospital provides you with an academic learning process that takes place within the practices from the first grade onwards. In addition, our laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and our academic staff, who are specialized in the field, will enable you to be the pioneers in the field of health by integrating approximately two centuries of health history of the Bezmiâlem Gureba-i Müslimin Hospital.

Dear Students,

In our Faculty of Health Sciences, besides academic education within international quality standards, academic congresses, student club activities, and comfortable campus facilities in the center of Istanbul, you are prepared in the most equipped way for your business life in cognitive, affective and behavioral aspects. In addition to this, in the fourth year, we offer you the largest internship training opportunities in our country at our Medical Faculty Central Hospital, Fatih Additional Service Building, Eyup Additional Service Building and Dragos Hospital. Also, successful students are provided with the opportunity to study and obtain internship as guest students in our contracted foreign universities. This way, academic knowledge and vision are enriched by acquiring experiences abroad.

As the Faculty of Health Sciences, we welcome you with the pleasure of being able to carry you and our country to a more advanced level in the field of health in the global competition environment and I wish you all the best in success.


Prof. Dr. Erdal TEKARSLAN

Faculty of Health Sciences Dean