We are in the 2020 Entrepreneurial and Innovative University Index! 11/6/2020

​Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank announced the results of the "Innovative and Entrepreneurial University of the Year 2020 Index" which was formed under the leadership of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK).

Our university succeeded in ranking 44th with 37 points in the index, which aims to increase the competition between universities, focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation, thereby improving the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

In the program, it is stated that universities that have scientific and technological competence with entrepreneurial and innovative universities and can offer this competence to the benefit of the ecosystem through cooperation and interaction with local, national and international innovation actors, and the maturation of new business ideas with mentoring and consultancy services. It was indicated that universities that provide an environment that enables them to be brought to life raise individuals who can take risks with the entrepreneurial spirit they bring, and have a driving role in regional and national development with their economic contribution and the culture of innovation they spread.

​How is the index prepared?

In the preparation of the index, which was published for the ninth time this year, a data set of 1 million chambers collected from 185 universities with more than 50 faculty members was evaluated with an intensive and meticulous study of 9 months. 282 institutions, including the Ministry of Industry and Technology, YÖK, the Presidency of Defense Industry, the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, KOSGEB, TÜRKPATENT, TAGEM, TTGV, TÜBA, the Center for European Union Education and Youth Programs and universities, contributed to this study conducted under the leadership of TÜBITAK.

In the index prepared this year, various changes were made in the index methodology in order to ensure that university performances can be measured with a more impact and output-oriented approach. It was emphasized that as the most important change, the weight of the "Economic Contribution and Commercialization" dimension, which measures the output of the system, was increased to 40%. In addition, it was stated that improvements were made in the methodology in order to increase the quality of the indicators, and it was stated that detailed information about the indicators, weights and method used can be accessed on the website of TÜBITAK.

Click to access the Entrepreneurial and Innovative University Index 2020 Indicator Set.

Click to access the Entrepreneurial and Innovative University Index 2019-2020 Methodology.

We are in the 2020 Entrepreneurial and Innovative University Index!