Bezmialem Hosted the TÜSAP Vision Meeting 9/13/2018

​Our University hosted the 6th Annual "TÜSAP Health Vision Meetings" organized by the Turkey Health Platform.

The 6th 'TÜSAP Health Vision Meetings' of NGO representatives from leading public and private universities in the health sector took place at the Beykoz Life Sciences and Biotechnology Institute under the "Medicine and Pharmacy" theme.

Our rector Prof. Dr. Rümeyza Kazancıoğlu carried out the opening speech at the the TÜSAP (Turkey Health Platform) meeting, where Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy topics were opened for discussion.

Ministry of Health Assistants Prof. Dr. Emine Alp Meşe and Prof. Dr. Muhammet Güven, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Ahmet Akça, our Rector Prof. Dr. Rümeyza Kazancioglu, the administrators and academicians of our university, the healthcare sector leaders and academicians from public and private universities participated at the meeting which was held in order to carry out vision discussions based on the current situation of the health sector and to produce qualified information by influencing the future of the industry.

Bezmialem Hosted the TÜSAP Vision Meeting