Dean's Message

 Dean's Message


Since the 22nd of November 1908, when formal and contemporary dental education training was provided in our country, the number of countries that have been providing modern dental training in global universities for 110 years was very limited. It is the duty of all of us to protect such a valuable inheritance that we have inherited from our grandfathers and to move it up further. As Bezmiâlem Vakıf University (BVU) Dentistry Faculty, we are carrying our studies with the awareness that we have to achieve the best in education, health and research fields on this very valuable heritage of Bezmiâlem Gureba-i Muslimin Hospital which is the pioneer of health with 175 years of a deep rooted past.

Our faculty, among the faculty of dentistry in our country, has succeeded to be a distinguished Institution which is consistently preferred in the first three places every year, especially with its academic staff and technical facilities, differing from other universities. After that, we will continue to assert that we are the best in the field by always prioritizing quality, success and human values.

We are aiming to offer the best academic services by following up innovative and technological developments closely and by starting bachelor / graduate trainings on digital dentistry in the future, in a center that is convenient for transportation of both students and clinics in a center of Istanbul and its historic value. .

In our clinics with high technology and adequate number of patients, we provide our students with the best service while allowing our students to observe and practice. In addition, we provide preclinical training in our best-equipped preclinical and artificial patient (simulation) laboratories by providing them in a student-centered learning environment. BVU Faculty of Dentistry offers 8 graduate students and 2 doctoral programs with the opportunity to work with the best academicians in their fields.


Dear Students,

Striving for higher standards in Turkey, our country's geographic and activity in strategic locations, science and technology in the global developments and to incorporate higher values closely followed, producing, researching, educating enlightened and patriotic individuals is our primary goal.

Our young and dynamic academics of our country, who are the shining stars of our country in the current period, have the confidence and excitement to achieve all the targeted works. You will be proud to be a graduate and / or a member. While welcoming you to our faculty, we also thank you for your high interest in our faculty. On our website you can find information about the most up-to-date information and documents, programs, academic and administrative positions, and you can be one step closer to being a part of our family.