Terms of Admission

 Terms of Admission


Candidate students qualified to undergo studies at schools of Bezmiâlem Vakıf University will sign in with the university at such times as determined by the President’s Office and disclosed, with submission, in full sets, of all required documentation.

Candidates failing to register with the university shall lose their rights and eligibility to become a student thereof.

Documents Required for New Registrations for 2011–2012 Academic Term:

  1. National Placement Test Results Slip
  2. High School Certificate of Graduation in original (or temporary certificate of graduation in original)
  3. Duplicate copy of National Identification Card
  4. Fully detailed health assay (issued by University hospitals or fully organized state hospitals)
  5. Military service status document (to be taken and delivered by candidates born in 1989 or earlier)
  6. 12 each portrait photographs in size 4.5x6 (depicting prone head frontal face completely, without beards if belonging to male students, taken during the last 6 months). On the rare covers of photos indicated should be first and last name and department / majoring branch of the student. Colored replicated images or Polaroid images will not be acceptable.)
  7. Documentary evidence showing that financial obligations against the school have been fulfilled (except for students qualified to receive education with full university funded scholarships)

Registration procedures will be carried out at Liaisons service, Registrar’s Office of Bezmiâlem Vakıf University, between September 5th and 9th, 2011 in the timeframe between 9.00 and 17.00.


  1. All candidates should personally apply for registration purposes. No registrations will be accepted or take place by means of postal mail deliveries.
  2. No registration shall take place if documents submitted in sets are found to be incomplete.
  3. Candidates failing to register during the timeframes indicates above will be deprived of any and all rights that they might have originally had against the School, as qualified student candidates.

Bezmiâlem Vakıf University Registrar’s Office Contact Information

Vatan Caddesi 34093 Fatih / İSTANBUL
Registrar’s office phones: 0212 523 37 19 / 7910 – 7911


Bank Loan Terms of Use:

  1. Those parents and guardians of students, whose information is cleared and approved by the Bank and who are able to provide documentary evidence on their regular earnings and income will be eligible for loan facilities offered by the Bank.
  2. The Bank may require sureties or additional collaterals, if it deems necessary or desirable.
  3. The Bank may open and maintain Overdraft Accounts (ODA) for parents / guardians of students, who wish to effect payments in equal monthly arrears, instead of making use of loans made available by the Bank.
  4. Parents / guardians will be able to effect payments through credit cards.

Categories of Parents / Guardians Eligible for Utilizing Bank Loans:

  1. Wagers: Regular employees of public or private sector entities or establishments receiving monthly payments of wages,
  2. Pensioners: Registrants of social schemes adopted and implemented by Ex Government Officers Pension Fund, Social Security Administration, Social Security Organization for Artisans and Self Employed and other private pension funds, regularly receiving monthly pensions, as beneficiaries thereof,
  3. Rentiers: People who don’t / are not able to state regular wage / salary income but live on income from property or securities,
  4. Freelancers / Free Traders: Natural persons who are business professionals who conduct private practices on their own on demand or under contracts or practice or advocate free trades, without being bound to a particular Employer, such as doctors, dentists, veterinarians, law attorneys, certified public accountants, financial consultants, artists and art performers, sporters, advisors, consultants, notaries, architects and engineers.

Payment terms: Parents / Guardians who opts for utilizing Bank supplied loans will reimburse the same only at monthly equal installments.

Documents Required: (For the Borrower)

  • National Identification card in duplicate
  • Income stating document or certificate in duplicate
  • Most recent payroll extract for wagers in duplicate / Company letter of salary / wage confirmation (along with signature authorization certificates of company officials signing thereunder)
  • Most Recent Tax Registration certificates of Self-Business Owners and Free Traders in duplicate
  • Pension books of pensioners in duplicate
  • Duplicate copies of title deed certificates and lease contracts if rental income is received on property

E-government password (whoever will be the beneficiary of loan, should have absolutely obtained one before visit for registration purposes. If such password is unavailable until such time as referred, it should be obtained via a mail package delivery at any office of Turkish Postal, Telegraphic and Telephony Organization (PTT). )