General Information

 General Information

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Registrar’s office General Information

Registrar’s office informs all students on all academic and administrative matters and helps them satisfy their needs associated with campus life. It provides support services that are required for departments and programs associated with our school.

Issuing identity cards, following up school graduates, arranging all kinds of statistical data and information on students, keeping a track and reporting of overall performance of scholarship students and handling registration procedures for new students are among the duties of this office. It also carries out course registrations for each semester, add-drop, withdrawal and late registrations and compulsory military service related procedures of male students. The office mediates notifications and announcements and ensures flow of information to students. It acts as the main reference point with regard to enrollment certifications, transcripts, mass public transport system pass applications, graduation certificates, degree certificates and e-mails.


Students renew their registrations with the school after preparing their class schedules and depositing tuition fees at school cashiers within such periods as shown on academic calendar at the beginning of each semester. Every student should register his name on enrollment list unless excused on approval of the university’s board of trustees. Students failing to prepare their class schedules within periods specified may register for program during add-drop days, should they had an excuse approved by the board of trustees. Students registering for educational programs run by the school later on excuse should fulfill such additional requirements as may be imposed upon them by the university. The students will remain fully and solely responsible for all re-registration procedures.


The drafting formalities and procedures of undergraduate students are carried out by Registrar’s office. In order to have access to and facilitate from this service, male student candidates born in or before 1988 should submit certificates of clearance for being admitted to a university department or high school, issued by a conscription office. Staff recruitment postponement procedures of those students who are under drafting age will automatically be delivered by the Registrar’s Office, once they arrive at that age. In order to apply for registration with a program at the same level of previous education of graduation, you should have served your military obligations. For instance, if a male graduate student desires to register for an undergraduate program, he should have completed his military service obligations in the first place, as a requirement of law. Any male undergraduate student at or above an age of 29 or post-graduate or doctorate student of or above 35 years of age may not claim for further deferment of his military service obligation. Students, who have completed their military service obligations, should bring in certificates of discharge. The names of such students that have signed off from the program or failed to attend registration procedures on predetermined times, been deleted from the enrollment lists due to recurrent unsatisfactory performance, deemed and treated as on temporary leave or suspended from school as a result of a disciplinary process or who do not possess the qualifications for graduation despite having consumed the formal term of their studies at the school should be put on a list to be submitted to Conscription Offices in charge within 1 month of the event, action or condition, according to law.


Application forms distributed by admissions should be completed and turned in with payment of pass issuance fees, for pass issuance procedures to properly start. Applications may be responded late, as they are sent to Istanbul Electric Tramway and Tunnel Establishments, the procurer of the public district transport system in Istanbul.

All kinds of certificates and documents requested will be delivered to the students against sight of a valid ID card.