Vision - Mission

Our mission

It is a high quality education program that is open to universal values , has a scientific understanding, is dependent on duty and human values, is successful in its profession, has high self-confidence, is in peace with itself and its environment, harbors productive dentists, experts and academicians. In addition to this, we closely follow the developments and innovations in the scientific field and contribute to the world of science by providing high quality oral and dental care services to the patients with clinics equipped with modern equipments in the national and international arenas with studies and researches.

Our vision

It is a faculty which is preferred in the field of education, teaching and patient care, scientific studies and researches, has a national and international level of self-acceptance, has international student and teaching staff. Ethics abiding values, patients' rights responsive, service care quality and keeping patient satisfaction in the foreground, with activity in scientific research in Turkey and the world's No. Dentistry is located between faculties, leaders in the field of medicine and treatment services, to be a dynamic and pace setting institution.

​Basic values

Bezmialem Vakif University The Faculty of Dentistry relies on the following principles and values to achieve its strategic goals and objectives on national and international levels :​​

- Affiliated with the foundation culture

- Scientifically liberal

- Institutionally autonomous

- Transparent and accountable

- Respectful of participants and differences​

- Continuous business partnership with stakeholders

- Competitive

- Quality oriented

- Student oriented

 - Can keep up with the requirements of the present era