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 Medical Imaging Techniques


Training qualified, competent and contemporary students who abide by the rules necessitated by their professional knowledge; have high ethical and moral values and might fulfill the need for intermediate staff in our country.


Training reputable employees who have an international level of knowledge and information on Medical Imaging Techniques and who are preferred by public and private sectors.

The objective of the Program is training qualified and technical intermediate staff who are knowledgeable on medical imaging techniques and can use medical imagining devices. Graduates of this program are usually engaged in preparing devices used at Radiology,  Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Oncology departments according to the diagnosis required from the handler and the patient and to receive the imaging thereof. Students with YGS-1 points will be admitted to this program. Students graduate from this program with the Medical Imaging Technician title. Our graduates may be employed at state hospitals, university hospitals and radiology units belonging to the public and private sectors. Our graduates cannot establish businesses individually. Students who complete the program will be awarded with an Associate's Degree and the title Health Technician (Medical Imaging Technician).