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 Orthopedic Orthesis and Porosities


Training qualified, competent and contemporary technicians who abide by the rules necessitated by their professional knowledge; have high ethical and moral values and might fulfill the need for intermediate staff in our country.


 Our graduates support production processes of artificial limbs (prosthesis) that will function as organs in case of loss of limbs such as hands, arms, feet and legs or ancillary devices (orthesis) that should be applied to body parts that need to be functionally supported, protected or corrected. It is aimed to train staff that will be able to get measurements from patients for producing prosthesis - orthesis, process the mould model and carry out adjustments by creating the prosthesis or orthesis.

Objective of the Program;

The program aims to train labor force on Orthopedic Prosthesis and Orthesis who closely follow developments of ancillary devices (orthesis) that should be applied to body parts that need to be functionally supported, protected or corrected or artificial limbs (prosthesis) in case of loss of limbs; continuously increase their accumulated knowledge; perform unique and new designs in these fields; have adopted evidence-based medicine and scientific perspective in their own work and application fields.

Graduates may work at state and private hospitals with Prosthesis and Orthesis workshops and at universities' and individual workshops. They can obtain measurements for and produce artificial limb prosthesis, short and long walking braches and similar ancillary devices. In addition, these professionals may establish their own businesses. As this is a continuously developing branch and renewing itself with technological advances, the need for qualified staff in these fields is on the rise. There is a high demand for graduates from departments on Orthopedic Prosthesis and Orthesis, which are recently opened and provide education and training at a scientific level. Therefore; our graduates have a high chance of finding employment quickly as soon as they graduate.

Orthopedic Prosthesis and Orthesis Program is an associate degree that aims to offer professional and academic competency to students who have been accepted to the program with the YGS-2 points they scored at "University Selection and Placement Exams" and who are graduates of high schools and equivalent vocational high schools. In addition, graduates may also transfer to Biochemical Engineering, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Undergraduate programs through vertical transfer examination if there are vacancies in such programs by benefiting from the opportunities offered by the Regulations on Transfer of Associate Degree Graduates of Vocational High Schools and Distance Education to Undergraduate Education.