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Training qualified, competent and contemporary students who abide by the rules necessitated by their professional knowledge; have high ethical and moral values and might fulfill the need for intermediate staff in our country.


Training main healthcare professionals in opticianry fields who have basic opticianry knowledge and theoretical and practical knowledge regarding opticianry systems; can use opticianry package programs; know eye and human anatomy; can plan operation and management of a business; are familiar with and can use optical instruments; can perform frame and glass selection and assembly; can calculate costs and prepare business schedules; can market the products and who have broad general public health knowledge.

Objective of the Program;

Gaining health technicians to Turkey who have been trained at a level that allows them to prepare, customize and apply optical tools recommended by an Ophthalmologist for removal and correction of visual disorders.

Opticianry Program aims to provide professional education and training to students who have been accepted to the program with the YGS-1 points they scored at "University Selection and Placement Exams" and who are graduates of high schools and equivalent vocational high schools.

The Opticianry Program will train technical staff who are familiar with and can operate optical systems; provide solutions to environmental, social and ethical problems regarding their profession and provide support in corporate processes.