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 Radiotherapy Technicians


Training qualified, competent and contemporary students who abide by the rules necessitated by their professional knowledge; have high ethical and moral values and might fulfill the need for intermediate staff in our country.


Training reputable employees who have an international level of knowledge and information on radiotherapy and who are preferred by public and private sectors.

     Objective of the Program;

Training technical employees who will work as assistants of oncology specialist physicians in treatment of cancer patients. Radiotherapy technicians assist the physicians by scanning Computerized Tomography (CT) for diagnosis of cancer, supporting physicians in planning and implementation of radiotherapy for patients at oncology services of hospitals and in conducting scientific research. The newly developed devices in radiotherapy, which is a fast-improving, highly technological branch of health, are achieving enhanced performance levels in treatment of cancer. The program aims to ensure that technician candidates that will use such devices learn different techniques applied in radiotherapy through computer programs in order to offer high quality services to the society. Radiotherapy technicians may be employed at oncology clinics of public and private health institutions. Students with YGS-1 points will be admitted to this program. Students who complete the program will be awarded with an Associate's Degree and the Health Technician (Radiotherapy) title.