NQF-HETR Catalog


Qualifications for higher education mean what a person achieving any higher education degree is supposed to know, do and be competent about. National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education in Turkey (NQF-HETR) is a system in which studies carried out in Turkish higher education institutions are stuctured  in order to increase transparency, recognition and mobility. NQF-HETR targets the objectives of Lisbon Strategy published in 2000 by European Union (EU) and the objectives of Bologna Process in which our country was included as a member in 2001.

Our students will be able to examine their gains in knowledge, skill and competence categories by focusing on learning outcomes with the NQF-HETR-Program Qualifications Matrix and examine the course-level gains by using the Course-Program Qualifications Matrix in which each course will contribute to the program. Students will be able to access information on undergraduate and graduate degree programs, as well as admission, enrollment and graduation requirements, assessment and evaluation, transition to higher level and employment opportunities.

The Importance of NQF-HETR for Students

  • Helps the students to choose their educational programmes and lessons aware;
  • The students know in advance what competency they will have achieving these lessons;
  • Clarifies what the students will learn with the activities except from the educational programme;
  • Lessens the enclosures for students' mobility and encourages the life long learning;
  • Clarifies the lateral and vertical transfers between the educational degrees;
  • Maintains an extensive information for programs conducted at Bezmialem Vakif University, list of all higher education qualifications and credit limits including sub qualifications;
  • Helps, supports the learners and explains all the educational opportunities for them in this way.


BVU Bologna Information System