Program Proficiency

1. Service Provider
 ·       Uses appropriate and thorough diagnostic interventions, tools and information technology, including physical examination
·       Uses appropriate and full treatment interventions, tools and information technology
·       Preventive medicine initiatives use their tools and information technology appropriately and fully
·       Uses the initiatives / methods, tools and information technologies in the job description appropriately and fully
·       Provides its service based on current and appropriate information
·       Receives support appropriate to the limitations and activity areas of oneself and other healthcare professionals in service delivery
·       Makes appropriate and effective diagnosis and treatment interventions in medical emergencies
·       Provides appropriate and effective service in forensic medical cases
·       Cost effective use of costly methods such as medical laboratory and imaging
·       Numerous medical conditions are ethically and effectively prioritized
·       Adjusts the time cost conveniently in solving medical conditions
2. Professional value and responsibility
·       Complies with medical ethics and professional rules
·       Contributes to the scientific development of the profession
·       Maintains the continuity of the service by protecting the health of oneself and their colleagues
·       Acts in accordance with professional legislation.
·       Takes care of patient privacy and confidentiality of patient data
·       Receives proper consent in all professional practice
·       Aware of their professional rights and support their development
·       Makes professional practice in accordance with patient rights
3.Team member
·       Provides appropriate and effective participation to the team
·       Provides solutions in team conflicts
·       Collaborates in multidisciplinary tasks
·       Prioritizes the success of the team in teamwork
·       Respects the limitations and duties of team members
·       Carries out teamwork fully and on time
·       Strives for the team to be productive
4. Learner and teacher
·       Cares to learn continuously and learns (improves knowledge and experience)
·       Critically evaluates medical information
·       Supports other people's learning
·       Recognizes, investigates and disseminates scientific data gaps
·       Provides health education for the patient, their relatives and the society
·       Takes responsibility for lifelong learning
5. Manager
·       Cares and participates in increasing the effectiveness of healthcare
·       Conducts clinical management in accordance with general / local legislation
·       Uses limited resources effectively
·       Take the lead when necessary
·       Acts in accordance with professionalism principles
·       Takes administrative responsibility in extraordinary situations
·       Monitors and evaluates events / developments in the field of health
6. Science
·       Carries out clinical practice by recognizing normal and abnormal functions of the body
·       Reports a scientific evidence simply and effectively
·       Curious about pathogenesis situations that science cannot explain / does not know.
·       Uses pharmacological substances by recognizing its activities, interactions and side effects.
·       Makes evidence-based practice at every stage of clinical practice
·       Critically evaluates medical evidence
·       Uses professional scientific language
·       Takes responsibility for holding scientific researches
·       Creates clinical questions that can turn into scientific research
·       Uses scientific meetings to reach new knowledge beyond its competence
·       Takes place in scientific researches in accordance with the research rules.
7. Communicating
·       Cares to see that the patient's problem is understood and resolved.
·       Listens and takes into account the information and opinions of patients and their relatives
·       Takes into account the information and opinions of all healthcare professionals about the patient.
·       Provides appropriate verbal information to the patient, their relatives and relevant healthcare professionals
·       Creates a care / development plan for the patient with the participation of all stakeholders.
·       Informs all healthcare professionals and institutions related to the patient in writing and verbally.
·       Makes appropriate written records and information about the service
·       Maintains a consistent and level relationship with the professional social environment
·       Communicates by considering cultural differences in all professional processes
·       Listens, understands and answers effectively to their interlocutors in all professional processes
 8.Health protector
·       Protects and improves the patients health
·       Takes part in the protection and improvement of the health of the population in the immediate area
·       Takes part in determining the health indicators of the country's population
·       Takes up an active and effective role in the protection and improvement of the health of the country's population.
·       Provides active participation in environmental protection activities
·       Provides active participation in occupational safety practices
·       Actively and effectively takes part in the protection and improvement of human health